More security! Businessman equips to the Police Squad at’Historical Center District’


A total of 20 bicycles, protective helmets and an ATV were delivered for security agents to carry out their work

MAZATLAN. – The Historic Center improvement project is taking shape and the first step was the formation and provision of equipment for the ‘Historical Downtown District’ Police Squad, which will have its own Public Safety Operations Center to deal more effectively with security issues in the area.

It was the Proyecto Centro Histórico group, chaired by the businessman Amado Guzmán, which donated to the municipal police a total of 20 bicycles, protective helmets and an ATV so that the security agents know the environment in which they will work, as well as to develop a work of service for the citizens and tourists of Mazatlan.

“I believe that together we are going to do great things, the Historic Center is the most beautiful thing we have, we are going to make an effort here to keep it clean, free of graffiti and greener,” said the businessman.

In addition to security, the municipality will help clean and maintain the area to give a more beautiful image to the tourist who visits us, but above all so that the premises have clean and garbage-free spaces for their entertainment.

Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin said that to achieve this, the city administration will work on the issue of sewerage and reconversion of the 11 re-pumping stations.

“It is something fundamental for the city and especially for the Historic Center, at this stage we are trying to add as much as possible, to make everyone to contribute and not necessarily contribute economically, but rather contribute the best of themselves,” he stressed.

The ‘Downtown Historic District’ Police Squad will be in one of the offices that are inside the public parking building in the area.