Liliana Carolina is the first woman appointed as Mazatlán’s deputy director of SSPyTM


She is second in command, she has been a group leader in Public Security, sector commander and coordinator. For what he adds with great responsibility in a new challenge.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Liliana Carolina Ramos Cháidez is a career police officer, with great passion and a vocation to serve, as well as help her people. And in a historic act for Mazatlán, she received the appointment as deputy director of operations of the SSPyTM, she is the first woman to hold a position of this magnitude in the corporation.

She, is second in command, has been a group leader in Public Security, sector commander and coordinator, today she was given the confidence to be the new operational deputy director of the SSP. Which fills her with pride and she commits to carry out her work with great enthusiasm for the good of the city and its inhabitants.

“I will take care of the operations in the neighborhoods, the security of the citizens and all those types of situations.”

-She is the first woman to reach this position. How do you feel?

“The truth is that I am proud, I am very happy to be the first woman in the Public Security subdirectorate, it is a great trust and responsibility that they are giving us and we hope to meet the expectations of the mayor,” she commented.

Ramos Cháidez is a preventive element that has been in the ranks of the Municipality’s Public Security Secretariat (SSPyTM) for some time; she is a woman who likes challenges and responsibilities.

“I like to help citizens, I like responsibilities and challenges. Here in Mazatlan, what predominates the most are robberies against people, passers-by, and vehicles, but strategies are managed to continue lowering criminal acts, ”he said.

The second police was grateful for the support of its high command, especially because in the current administration there have been many opportunities for women and today, a clear example of everything it says is shown by being appointed as operational deputy director of the SSPyTM of Mazatlan .


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