Mazatlán already weighs in popularity as a sun and beach destination in Mexico’


For the tourist promoter José Gámez Valle, Mazatlán is not stopped by anyone and remains in the top 5 of the most popular destinations above Puerto Vallarta, but the task requires perseverance.

MAZATLÁN.- Tourism in Mazatlán throughout the year has managed to keep the destination in the top five of the most visited in Mexico, very close to Cancun and Los Cabos, but above Puerto Vallarta.

José Gámez Valle, marketing director at the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlán, mentioned that before, Mazatlán did not appear as of sun and beach tourist destinations; however, today it remains in the first ones, therefore, the task must be constant.

“Mazatlán is sounding good. The first two months of the year Mazatlán is not in the one, two or three, it caught my attention, but we are in the top five, we were in occupations that kept us in the first, but it is normal, foreign tourism is already traveling more and is regaining confidence”, he declared.

Gámez Valle pointed out that public relations, promotions, and meetings that are held in other cities is essential to continue in this position, since neglecting destiny in this matter would harm it, therefore the task is constant and a key piece.

“Before they did not compare us in terms of being at the necessary level of, and today they compare us at the same level or even above, they compare us with Los Cabos, with Cancun, they put us above Vallarta.” he said.

The tourist promoter added that national tourism is the one that prevails in Mazatlán but little by little also the international one and attractions such as the Gran Acuario Mazatlán are part of that same promotion, which generates a chain of visits and economic benefits for the destination.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, the sector started the year on the right foot; During the first month of 2023, the income from the total expenditure of international visitors to Mexico was 2,835 million dollars, a figure 43.1 percent higher than the 1,981 million reported in 2022 and the highest on record.

In addition, they increased their spending, on average, the spending of international tourists amounted to $778.16 per person in the reference month, a figure 10.1 percent higher than the $706.87 of January 2022.