From the factory to your cup, the inauguration of Café Marino Expendio


Lucila Lizárraga pointed out that they have good expectations with this new venture, and they are convinced that it will be the first outlet of many more.

MAZATLÁN.- Café El Marino does it again, but now from the factory to your cup, faster, more efficient and on the way to your work, with the opening of Café Marino Expendio and here we explain what it is about.

Right there, in the factory that is on Gabriel Leyva Avenue, they set up a cafeteria, with a variety of lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, Americans, cold brew, frappes and others, they have loaf of bread, there are cinnamon rolls and shells, but also salty.

The store even has tables to hang out and if what you are worried about is parking, it has its own parking spots for those who want to arrive before work, buy and leave, the best thing is that everything is 100 percent from Mazatlan.

In the inaugural act, nostalgia was lived and the Lizárragas met to cut the ribbon, Javier Lizárraga Mercado, expressed that these are the things that must be resumed and that it better be through the young blood of the family.

“There were many outlets, times have changed, congratulations for this outlet, mother, congratulations because behind a good man there is a great woman and for the entire Lizárraga family,” he commented.

Arturo Lizárraga Mercado spoke that everything was a process of image design, structure, baristas who practiced on trial and error, until it finally came to maturity and started running.

“We have all been part of this, it is an experience that we want to resume, the Café El Marino business always had outlets in many cities, but we believe that there is a new opportunity to resume, here in our factory, with the image,” he commented.

What sets you apart from other coffee shops in Mazatlán?

Lucila Lizárraga worked on the entire process, but without a doubt, she expressed, it is that the difference from the rest of the cafeterias that are already established is that it comes from a 100 percent Mazatlan company and family.

“What you will find in the store is just a taste of what we do with passion here in the factory, the coffee that you drink is ground and roasted right here, from that same day or a day before,” she commented.

History of Cafe El Marino

In 1950, in association with one of its suppliers, the Lizárraga Mercado family ventured into the coffee industry.

A year later, in 1951, they began to build their roasting plant and it was completed in 1958 and by the 60’s they had already started exporting green coffee and roasted and ground coffee to the United States and Canada.

By the 1970s, it became the first Mexican company to offer all coffee presentations and by this time it had also ventured into the industrialization of soluble coffee.

You can currently find Café El Marino throughout the country, in self-service stores, both soluble and coffee-based, as well as new presentations.