Today begins the International Carnival of Mazatlan “Déjà Vu, 125 years of tradition.”


The International Carnival of Mazatlán 2023 “Déjà Vu 125 years of tradition” is already here. This Thursday officially starts with the coronation of the King of Joy and below we present a brief guide with the main carnival areas, access, costs and where to locate service modules if you need help.


A large part of the festivities take place on the Paseo Olas Altas, with the placement of bandstands with musical groups of different musical genres will entertain all night.

Here the activity begins on Friday the 17th and ends on Tuesday the 21st. It is also the setting for the Quema del Bad Humor and where the fireworks show known as Combate Naval takes place, both to be held on Saturday the 18th starting at nine o’clock. the night.

To enter this area, you must pay a fee of 70 pesos and you will find the ticket offices on Zaragoza avenue, on Mariano Escobedo street, another one at the Sixto Osuna street and the well-known Miguel Aleman avenue.

The other epicenter of the carnival celebration is Plazuela Machado. Admission is completely free and to avoid saturation of people there will be controlled access through Carnaval and Mariano Escobedo streets; by Constitución and Belisario Domínguez, and by Carnaval y Libertad street for people with disabilities.


On this occasion, three structures were installed, and the service will be totally free. They are located in front of the Escudo de Mazatlán, on Ángel Flores street, and one more in front of the Sánchez Taboada roundabout.


All coronations will take place at the Teodoro Mariscal stadium. The authorities have asked attendees to leave their homes in advance to avoid saturation of public roads and crowding at the entrances to the property.

The coronation of the King of Joy, on Thursday the 16th, will begin at seven in the afternoon; the coronation of the Queen of the Floral Games, on Friday the 17th, at half past eight at night.

The coronation of the Queen of Carnival will be on Saturday the 18th at half past four in the afternoon and the coronation of the Children’s Queen, on Monday the 20th, will begin at six thirty in the afternoon.


The first Carnival parade, along Del Mar Avenue, is on Sunday the 19th; it will begin at Gutiérrez Nájera avenue at five in the afternoon and will end at Valentinos.

The second parade will be on Tuesday the 22nd and will begin on Insurgentes Avenue and up to Miguel Aleman Avenue, starting at four in the afternoon. The tours are expected to last four and a half hours.


If you want fun on board of mechanical rides, the Carnival fair will be until February 25 on the esplanade next to the Sam’s Club store.

Access to the facilities is free, but the mechanical games have a cost, these range from 50 to 80 pesos.


If you are a tourist and want to receive information about tourist services, as well as request help and find yourself in an emergency, risk or fraud situation, the office of the Tourist Care and Protection Center will be working nine to nine.

The CAPTA office, located in the facilities of the Ministry of Tourism building, by Liverpool alley, will function as a service module for citizens and tourists.

In addition, during the parades, a special module will be installed next to the Valentinos.


The great novelty of this year are the identification bracelets for children, so that in case of loss their parents can be located more quickly.

The name of the mother or father and a telephone number will be written on these bracelets. You can request it in the reporting and receipt modules that will be installed in the Monumento al Pescador, in front of the Aquarium and the letters of Valentinos.

To provide security and protection to attendees, there will be a deployment of 727 elements from different corporations from the three levels of government, as well as local rescue and emergency forces.

In case of emergencies or incidents, there will be provision of paramedics from Civil Protection, Firefighters and Red Cross for pre-hospital care.

An ambulance will be available at the Fair facilities, there will be ambulances in the Olas Altas area and three fire extinguishing units.

Five ambulances at the events to be held at the Teodoro Mariscal stadium, two fire extinguishing units and a rapid attack and rescue unit.

On Avenida del Mar, during the parades there will be six ambulances, a fire extinguisher unit and a rapid attack and rescue unit available.

Generally, these first aid points are usually found at the entrances to the different areas.

Source: EL Sol de Mazatlan