Super Bowl 2023: There are hot tamales! Chef from Sinaloa will sell greens and reds


Tamales conquer the world! The Mexican dish will be present at Super Bowl LVII by a Mexican American business.

There will be ‘hot’ tamales at the Super Bowl! On this occasion, the ‘Super Bowl’ will not only be filled with guacamole, nachos and wings, but will also have the presence of a Mexican chef, who will bring green, mole and rajas to the NFL sports competition.

The Super Bowl celebrates its 57th edition at the State Farm Stadium in Arizona, we will see the Philadelphia Eagles duel against the Kansas City Chiefs and the spectators will be able to savor this Mexican dish of pre-Hispanic origin in the United States.

What tamales will be sold at Super Bowl LVII?

Since 2015, Imelda Hartley has started a business called Happy Tamales a dark kitchen with the aim of showing the flavor of Mexican cuisine in Phoenix, Arizona.

Imelda is originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa, but from a very young age she went to the United States where she raised a family. She is a survivor of domestic abuse who decided to start with what all migrants bring with them: the gastronomic tradition.

Deciding to give her children a better life and break the cycle of violence that she lived, Imelda began to cook tamales and sell them to her neighbors and friends. Little by little, the popularity of Happy Tamales grew to the point where she has managed to get ahead.

Happy Tamales is part of the first generation of the Consular Entrepreneurship Program for Mexicans Abroad in Arizona, a project that seeks to offer support and mentoring to projects. The business was chosen to be part of the food service that will be offered at Super Bowl LVII.

How much do the tamales that will be sold at the Super Bowl cost?

The Happy Tamales business has the characteristic that its products have their own identity created by the owner, each flavor of their dishes bears a name or emotional phrase to convey the message of empowerment after each bite.

The following dishes from their menu stand out, it is important to highlight that they are sold from half a dozen at 322 Mexican pesos:

Imelda’s happy tamale: stuffed with spicy corn dough, shredded meat, and red chili.

Hope tamale: filled with green sauce with animal protein.

Tamal de amor: sweet flavor filled with raisins, corn and sugar.

Harmony tamale: stuffed with spinach and cream cheese.

Imelda Hartley’s business also has vegan options for people who can’t resist tamales, but don’t consume animal products. Some of her products are as follows:

Winner tamale: stuffed with nopales, onion and red chili.

Heirloom tamale: stuffed with corn, green pepper and spices.

To accompany ‘Happy Tamales’ there is the option of trying Spanish rice or pinto beans. Products are only available for delivery in Phoenix, Arizona.

Source: El Finianciero