Back to life! Ciudades Hermanas Park will be recovered.


The mayor of Mazatlán, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin, recognized that the recreational space is in total abandonment.

MAZATLÁN.- The Ciudades Hermanas Park will return to life and will be urgently attended, as reported by the mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin, who recognized that the recreational space is in total abandonment.

The municipal government’s strategy will be to request the space as a loan from the state, so that the city council can take over the maintenance in its totality, since in 2021 the board of trustees that oversaw its care disappeared.

New lamps, paint jobs, infrastructure improvements and even grass replacement will be some of the improvements that will be made to the park.

He explained that they had already noticed this deterioration and that at the beginning of January they will began with the recovery works.

“There was a pattern here that is no longer there, today we are looking with the councilors at the possibility that the state gives it to us on loan to be able to maintain it as it should. It was already something that we had in mind and in fact there is the resource to do it, because we are working on the rescue of all the parks in the city”.

Once the state grants the loan of the place and it is remodeled, there will be rules to regulate what type of events can be carried out.

Through social networks, a mother of a family evidenced an accident that her son suffered in Ciudades Hermanas Parks while celebrating her birthday. What happened? A lamp fell on the minor causing a wound on his forehead.

Since May 2018, located on Paseo Claussen, the ” Ciudades Hermanas” park has welcomed its visitors every day.

This place was created with the purpose that both tourists and the local public had at their disposal one more point to carry out various recreational and social activities in a pleasant way.

One of the activities that began to be carried out in the space was the bazaars, and although this supports the growth of the local entrepreneurs, the constant use of the soil caused the grass to dry out, for this reason the mayor expressed that this kind of activity will not be able to take place there anymore and they will look for space options.