Rural tourism props up Mazatlán as a destination.


The head of the Sedectur indicated that La Noria registered a growth of 40 percent during 2022 in the influx of visitors.

Rural tourism has become an important base in the tourism development of Mazatlan, assured Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán commented that now there are two very important pillars that are El Quelite and La Noria, which have a remarkable growth, and others in development such as El Recodo, Isla de la Piedra, Veranos and the El Roble-Siqueros corridor.

He even said that rural visits are already generating an increase in the average stays of tourists in Mazatlán and an important outlet for the city on days of high influx, since Mazatlecos themselves opt for these alternatives, which has led to towns like La Noria have annual increases of 40 percent.

“We have supported the La Noria committee because is concerned about making things happen and this is a clear example of success, part of what we are trying to replicate is training internal committees because it’s very difficult as a secretary if you don’t have that team to work with,” he said.

The head of Sedectur pointed out that it is an indication of the mayor Edgar González Zatarain to help as much as possible in the growth of rural tourism in support of the communities of Mazatlán, the formation of committees being a relevant point, because thanks to this is La Noria has had exponential growth.

He added that the Emprendamos Maz program was taken to La Noria, where around 20 people attended training to start new products.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan