Beach cleaning at Punta Cerritos in Mazatlán


Garbage such as PET, glass, motor oil and even a refrigerator were removed from the beach.

Mazatlán, Sin.- Punta Cerritos beach, located in the north of Mazatlán, is one of the most popular among foreign and national tourists, for this reason the Beach Operator and Administrator carried out a cleaning day in the place.

Glass bottles, PET, aluminum cans, plastic bags, motor oil and even a refrigerator are part of what this municipal staff managed to collect in the area.

Without specifying how many kilos of waste were collected, the director of the Mazatlán Beach Operator and Administrator, Luis Fernando Ortiz Genis, called on the fishermen and merchants, restaurant owners, to keep the place pleasant for visitors, who attend daily on this beach.

“We are going to invite tourism to keep the beaches clean and also a good way is to set an example, because we also see that there are motor oils there in the sand and now, as of Sunday, a new Anti-Tobacco Law came into force, that’s it smoking is prohibited on the beaches, also to the tourists that we see smoking: ‘hey, I’m sorry, but you can’t smoke on the beaches anymore’, right now we are going to start raising awareness,” he said.

Faced with the large accumulation of garbage in the place, he promised not to leave this beach and return with a special operation to remove fishing boats that are in disuse and only generate garbage.

Ortiz Genis took the opportunity to inform restaurateurs and tourist service providers in the area since January 15 the reform of the Anti-Tobacco Law came into force in Mexico, which prohibits smokers from consuming tobacco in public spaces such as restaurants and the beach.

The municipal official highlighted the commission he has from Mayor Edgar González Zatarain to generate cleaner beaches, to keep the main attraction of this tourist destination in good condition.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan