During 2022, neighborhoods of Mazatlán experienced the worst collapse of public services


Popular settlements of the city experienced in 2022 the collapse in public services such as drinking water, drainage, lighting, patching, and cleaning of green areas.

Mazatlán, Sin.- Impassable streets, drinking water and drainage leaks that take more than a month to be repaired, green areas full of weeds and useless lighting; That is the panorama that exists in the popular neighborhoods of Mazatlán, which in 2022 have experienced a collapse in public services.

From Juárez, to Alarcón, passing through Francisco I. Madero, Santa Fe, Valles del Ejido, Villa Galaxia, Genaro Estrada, Gabriel Leyva, the Center, Prados del Sol, until reaching Sábalo Country, Lomas de Mazatlán or Real del Valle, the situation has been the same in a year in which Mazatlán has practically been abandoned by the municipal authorities.

Sad reality

“We have already made the call, but they have not come, the street is very ugly, full of potholes and with the cobblestone all up or down, it is a problem to pass through here or park, because it is a small street, this section is very affected,” said Miguel Ángel, a resident of the settlement

Although he himself has reported the problem to the City Council’s Citizen Service, no one has even come to throw some earth in the potholes.

And although the City Council assures that in 2022, 1,100 citizen report ballots have been attended to, the reality is that both Public Lighting and Jumapam, Parks and Gardens and Public Works are overcome by the problems they have.

Implement new measures

The Director of Communication of the City Council, Paloma Gutiérrez, assured that given the large number of failures in public services, they have chosen to implement some measurements to immediately address the problems reported on social networks.

“It is a measure that was implemented in order to check which neighborhoods need to be rehabilitated, we know that there are many streets and roads with potholes, it is something that we hope to solve as soon as possible for the well-being of the Mazatlan people,” she said.

Upon seeing the citizen complaint on the El Sol de Mazatlán website, elements of Public Works went to Huayacán street, but supposedly they did not find it, so they returned without doing anything or seeking a dialogue with the neighbors.

In Infonavit Alarcón, in addition to Huayacán street, Alcatraz, Amapola and Azaleas have the same problem and they were not seen.

Neighbor Miguel Ángel assured that to date no element of Public Works has approached the subdivision and that they have not received attention from the municipal government.

Source:El Sol de Mazatlan