December festivities in Mazatlán! This is how much you will spend on Toll roads


Traveling to Mazatlán, Sinaloa, for the December holidays can be very cheap if you do it by car. Here we tell you the costs.

Spending the holidays on a beach is not impossible and can be an inexpensive trip if you plan to arrive by car. Among the destinations to celebrate is Mazatlán, Sinaloa, also known as “The Pearl of the Pacific” for its natural attractions.

If you live in Sonora, Durango or Nayarit, leaving from the capitals of each of these states, a trip to Mazatlán would cost you between 600 and 800 pesos for toll roads payments plus gasoline, according to the page Trace your Route of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT).

The city of Durango and Tepic, Nayarit, are just over two hours drive from Mazatlán, while Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora, is 8 hours away. Getting to La Perla del Pacífico from Chihuahua is a little more expensive, the toll roads cost 1,857 pesos and it is also an 8-hour trip.

The toll road payments are excessively less than the plane ticket to Mazatlan. Even though the city of Durango is two hours from Mazatlán, a flight to that paradisiacal town costs 6,673 pesos. In the case of Hermosillo, a ticket to Mazatlán costs 5,128 and from Chihuahua it would be 4,999, according to the Despegar webpage.

Even traveling from Mexico City to Mazatlán by road with a 10-hour drive is cheaper compared to the plane: the tolls cost 2,031 pesos, while a plane ticket costs 3,452 pesos.

And if you travel with friends or more family, the cost of traveling by road is much less, since the price of the gasoline tolls can be divided by up to five people.

Traveling by car can be a cheap alternative now that plane prices have skyrocketed. Only in this 2022, tickets had an increase 6.2% due to the increase in the Airport Use Fee (TUA), a surcharge that is made to the ticket costs and the money remains with the airport from which you travel.

If you travel to Mazatlán this year you will be able to enjoy some tourist attractions such as the Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada Glorieta, the Mazatlán Lighthouse, the Historic Center and its malecon.

Source: La Lista