Entertainment centers will have a full by the end of the year


The leader of Acetem asks the authorities to allow them to work until 6 in the morning on the last weekend of this 2022

Mazatlán, Sin.- Given the high influx of tourism that is expected by the end of the year, the entertainment centers of Mazatlán expect a full house.

The president of the Association of Tourist and Entertainment Centers, Tulio Martínez, estimated that the different establishments register reservation levels of 70 percent.

He explained that the reservations are mainly from tourists from Durango, Monterrey, Culiacán, Guadalajara, Tepic and that they hope to reach 100 percent occupancy.

“We want the two-hour extension to close at 6 in the morning and thus give tourists that much more fun, since they are the ones who leave an important economic benefit,” he said.

Tulio Martínez assured that the entry of minors is not allowed in these entertainment centers.

He admitted that in recent weeks the influx in the clubs has decreased due to the Posadas.

“Because of the Posadas, the influx of visitors has decreased by 80 percent, with the Posadas and meetings, few people are coming to the clubs, but by the end of the year we will be full,” he said.

Don’t let your guard down

Martínez recalled that since the mandatory use of face masks and sanitary protocols were eliminated, the movement in the nightlife of Mazatlán has increased, however, the guard has not been lowered on the issue of Covid-19.

Source; El Sol de Mazatlan