Chaos at the Mazatlán Bus Station


Due to remodeling work in the middle of the December season, there is only one access for visitors to enter and leave the bus terminal.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For a few days, access to the Mazatlán Bus Station has become chaotic, since due to remodeling work being done to the bus terminal, visitors enter and exit through a single door.

And although he did not specify what work is being carried out, Álvaro Torres, in charge of the bus terminal, asked the people who arrive or leave the port on buses that have their terminal in that place for patience.

“It is a simple remodeling, that is why it is being built, at the moment no more details can be given, but it is only about that, I ask people to remain calm, it is nothing more than that, they are always infused rumors,” he said without giving a date for completion of the work.

Some employees pointed out that prior to the demolition of part of the plant they heard many rumors, including the possible construction of a hotel, but no one has informed them of anything.

“Well, as soon as it was found out that they had to remodel, they didn’t tell us anything, they just relocated us, the girls who take care of the tickets more than anything, but up to that point, everything has been discreet,” said a local worker.

While the same employee points out that some tourists have expressed their disagreement because the site only has one entrance.

“Some are outraged, they say that on what date did it occur to them to do this, since the truth is that many people are arriving right now , and there is still more to come as the month of December progresses, but hey, apparently they are giving a cat’s hand to the place. That’s all they said.”

Activity at the bus terminal

Generally, the bus operations of this station are 160 per day, but in the holiday season it increases a lot.

During the summer the average number of users per day was 900, between departures and arrivals, even some days it reached 1,200.

Although the presence of tourists is high in the city at various times of the year, such as summer and December, the most demanding in the bus terminal is that of Easter, where the trucks do not reach them for the need that arises, however, is much shorter in terms of days.