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It’s Too Hot and Humid for Us!

June Rain in Lo de Marcos
     When Tropical Storm Bud was off the shore of Jalisco in mid-June, the rainy season started in the state of Nayarit. We normally stay at our home in Sayulita until the end of June or early July, but it became too hot and humid for us this year. Then the power was off and on for a week, which is generally tolerable as we have the ocean to jump into when we need to cool off. But this year it was off during some nights, too, and we couldn’t run our air conditioning. When I’m too hot to sleep, it’s time to head north.

So, we moved to our motorhome in Lo de Marcos. The power was on there, though the rains continued. We spent several evenings sitting outside under our awning, watching and listening to the rainfall (view the video above) while we enjoyed a glass of wine and a light dinner of cheese, crackers, green olives, and apple slices.

The rain brings insects, some pretty, like butterflies that flit through the area. Others, such as scorpions, spiders, cockroaches, and other beetles, would start moving into our house if I hadn’t put down a barrier of Home Defense before we left. Knowing we could sleep in our bug-free, air-conditioned RV during the rainy season in the tropics lightened our moods.

So We Drove Our RV North to Sunny Mazatlán
     But the rain and gray skies continued, so we drove our RV north to Mazatlán, where we found blue skies and lower humidity. We love this beautiful city, so we decided to stay for a week, revisiting some of our favorite restaurants and exploring new neighborhoods. Our first night in town, we always go to FISH (Fresh International Seafood House) for our favorite dish, Shrimp, and Chips with a fresh green salad. It was as delicious as always.
San Fernando RV Park in Mazatlan Has Refreshing Pools

We enjoyed our week at the San Fernando RV Park, the only RV park still open in the center of the Zona Dorada, two blocks from the bus route. The pool was clean and refreshing, the managers friendly and accommodating, and the park was quiet as we were the only RVers there during this warm month. It was like being on vacation! Well, except it appears they are using the park for an event center right now as there were rather large afternoon and evening parties around the pool for three of our seven days. The music was a bit loud, though nothing that earplugs couldn’t solve, and ended by 9PM.

Clear Blue Skies and Palm Trees of Mazatlán
      Walking through the Golden Zone to Ristorante Villa Italia on Avenida Camarón Sábalo for pizza, we couldn’t get enough of the clear blue skies and mature palm trees of Mazatlán. Strolling to dinner that night gave us just over a half-mile of exercise, not a huge amount, but better than nothing. The bus ride back in the air-conditioned tourist bus cost us 22 pesos total, a little over $1 US, a benefit we appreciated after two glasses of Chilean wine with dinner.
Isla de Pájaros, Bird Island
     A walk down the beach to Chile’s Pepper for a lunch of chicken fajitas gave us a prime seat to watch the action around Isla de Pájaros, Bird Island. A group of five kayakers was paddling to shore from the island, a small cabin cruiser passed between us and the island, and a boat pulling a parasailer cruised by. The view from the beach in the Zona Dorada hasn’t changed much since we were last here. Things are relatively quiet this time of year since most of the gringos are gone and the Mexican family summer holidays have not yet started.
     The Plazuela Machado in the Historic District is still gorgeous. The newly refurbished Malecón with a two-way bike lane is the biggest change. It’s great to see many cyclists and rollerbladers cruising along the seawall, separated from the strollers and joggers.
The Original Pancho’s in Mazatlan
     Major changes are happening along Avenida Gaviotas, with a new Marriott, condominiums, and commercial high-rises in various stages of construction. As we walked to dinner for a Father’s Day treat at the original Pancho’s restaurant overlooking the ocean, we hardly recognized the neighborhood for all of the changes. Pancho’s had the same charming ambiance, though, with some new Mexican pottery on display that was worth a photo. The restaurant was especially quiet, so we were pampered even more than usual.
Beautiful Mexican Pottery at Pancho’s
     The Camarones Especiales, large prawns stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon, then broiled to perfection, were decadently delicious. After sharing that meal, we splurged on an extravagant dessert of chocolate cake a la mode. Another of our good memories at Pancho’s.
     After eating all of this rich food, I decided we needed to attend a Zumba class. Checking Zumba.com for nearby classes, I found one listed at Parque Tabachines, Tabachines Park, just a mile bus ride south on Avenida Camarón Sábalo and then another mile-long walk down Avenida Lomas de Mazatlán. We found the park, but no Zumba class. Instead, we found an outdoor gymnasium with various types of workout equipment.
Terry on the Mechanical Cross-Trainer
Jon Doing Pull-Ups on a Weight-Assisted Machine
     We exercised for about forty minutes, completing the circuit twice. After walking the mile back to the bus stop, we had reached our 10,000 steps for the day. That’s enough that we could have dinner at Ristorante Villa Italia againmaybe Fettuccine Alfredo with Prawns this time.
     We exercise so we can eat these delicious, calorie-laden meals. We splurge on restaurant food while we are in México because once we hit the United States, prices will more than double. Living in México is like being on vacation full-time, with a 50% discount.

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