The government of Mazatlan and hotel businessmen will work hand in hand to solve the problem that afflicts the sector


The municipal president, Edgar González Zatarain, met with the members of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlan, presented them with an overview of the situation in the city

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – Beach organization, improvement of the urban image, the problem of noise and lack of cleanliness in the tourist area and improvements in the issue of mobility, were some of the issues that the mayor, Edgar González Zatarain, discussed with hotel businessmen from the port this Saturday morning.

The members of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlan, presented needs and concerns of the sector, with the aim of helping the municipal government, in order to generate tourism that leaves more income for commerce and complementary services, as well as greater air connectivity to the destination.

The municipal president, Edgar González Zatarain, pointed out that the exposed problem has already been detected, focused and in the process of being solved, as part of the neuralgic points found by his administration, which require immediate attention.

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“We have detected sixty-three neuralgic points that we have to attend to, some more immediate than others, but we have to attend to them, it is identified (…) with a strategy where we schedule, set dates, define strategies and monitor what if we were able to advance and what we couldn’t move forward…” the mayor told them.

González Zatarain pointed out that beach planning is already being worked on hand in hand with Semarnat, mobility with the highway and transport delegation and what is the responsibility of the municipality in terms of cleaning and other basic services is already being worked on by the city council.

However, he asked businessmen to be patient because the immediate thing is to achieve, before the end of this year, social stability by meeting basic needs in the neighborhoods and rural areas, such as improving garbage collection and addressing the lack of public lighting, to through the “Adopt a neighborhood” program, in which businessmen, foundations and citizens participate.

The hoteliers said they were aware of the pressing needs of the municipality and agreed to work hand in hand with the government of Mazatlan, in the future, to reduce the various problems that afflict the port’s tourism sector.

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