Mazatlecos raise their voices and shout, ‘ The INE will not be touched!’


Mazatlecos join the national march for democracy, where citizens expressed that it is better to have the INE and that Mexico remains a democratic country.

MAZATLAN. – With the motto “The INE is not touched”, dozens of people came together to raise their voices regardless of color, language or any group that the citizens of Mazatlan belong to, who joined this cause to demonstrate on some avenues of the city, this simultaneously in different states of the country, including CDMX. 

With a loud and firm voice, entire families joined from the Monument to the Fisherman, on the Malecón de Mazatlán, to march to the INE 01 facilities in this city, making themselves felt with banners, cardboard and slogans, among them: «The INE does not touch itself”.  

Entire families showed up with banners in hand to demonstrate in defense of the National Electoral Institute, some wearing a purple or pink shirt, others with the Mexican flag… and all together raising their voices and publicly rejecting, what they called, the intention of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to reform the Electoral Law and thereby put the democratic life of Mexico at risk. 

The departure took place at 10:30 a.m. from the monument to the Fisherman, the contingent moved along one of the lanes of the boardwalk to later take Río Piaxtla street until it joined the Ejército Mexicano avenue and reached the INE offices, from district one. 

Photos: Christian Bernal

Among the people who attended, it was possible to observe the state councilor of the National Action Party in Sinaloa, José Roberto González Gutiérrez, who rejected the electoral reform initiative that could mean the disappearance of the INE. 

“We raise our voices because the most dangerous thing is when freedoms end, if they end the INE, if they bury it, what will happen, the companies are going to leave, it is a regressive proposal,” said González Gutiérrez.  

In the place, the voices of business leaders also appeared, Valeriano Suárez Suárez, the councilor of Coparmex Mazatlán, representatives of Canacintra, the civil association Observatorio Ciudadano and also that of former mayors such as Jorge Abel López Sánchez. 

Former municipal president López Sánchez commented that he agrees to improve the INE, make some changes to it, but is against the elimination of the INE.  

Before finishing, in the offices of District Board 1, on the same road, they addressed a message to the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as to the federal legislators and, as a final point, they sang the Mexican National Anthem. 


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