Sports and meeting tourism favor Mazatlan


The head of the Sedectur pointed out that events and conventions keep hotel occupancy active during the week

Mazatlán registers a high influx of tourism for this weekend, in which an average occupation of close to 90 percent is estimated.

From very early this Thursday, dozens of tourists could be seen outside the hotels, where they descended from the charter buses.

Marlen Estrada, receptionist at a hotel in the Golden Zone, said that they have been quite busy all week due to the sporting events and congresses that take place in the destination.

For his part, the Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlan, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, confirmed that these last two weeks have been very busy for the port.

“We have had sports tourism, this week we had the arrival of more than 4,500 students from Inter Lobos, which also helped generate a high occupancy from Sunday to Wednesday and convention tourism was added, it helps us lift weekdays”, said.

universal season

He added that the winter season looks good, since foreign tourism is already arriving in Mazatlan since the last week of October.

“A positive November is expected, the climate change favors us and the December season, like the seasons we have had until this year, we have exceeded them by between 25 and 30 percent compared to the holiday seasons of last year”, express.

Velarde Cárdenas pointed out that the growth is notorious for the destination, between national and international tourism, hoping that in December it will exceed the figure of the previous year and even that of 2019.

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