At the “Pino Suárez” market you can eat tasty, cheap, and with the best attention


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With 123 years of history, the “José María Pino Suárez” Municipal Market, also known as ´El Coloso de Hierro´, houses stories, culture and tradition, especially in its seasoning.

It is on the second floor, in its gastronomic corridor, where traditional Mazatlan cuisine is inherited from generation to generation and is for everyone to enjoy at an affordable cost.

Martha, is the second generation to be in charge of the restaurant that bears the name of her mother “Sarita”, for her, the most important thing is to provide good flavor and excellent service to those who decide to make a stop at her place. Since without the latter, people do not return.

That is why he always welcomes them with a smile, seeking to make them feel as if they were at home.

“Here, what we try to do is that the client leaves satisfied, both with the flavor of the dish, the seasoning, and that they leave satisfied with the attention that one gives to the client. My priority for me is the client, because I live from the client. I like that the client leaves and tells me, what a delicious kitchen. The restaurant is called ´Sarita´, which belongs to my mother. Here we try to serve the customer the best we can,” she commented.

Like this restaurant, there are at least 10 more, which have their own variety of menus ranging from eggs to seafood, all preserving the typical flavor of the port.

Beatriz Morales, who is accompanied by her family from the city of Saltillo in Coahuila, said that every year she returns to the port to visit, the market is a must stop. Here her whole family eats and eats delicious.

“Well, if the food is very good and very accessible, it’s also delicious.”

-Would you visit the market again?

“Yes, I always come,” he assured.

In the gastronomic corridor of “Pino Suárez”, you can eat for less than 100 pesos. Menus hang on its walls where there are breakfasts from 35 pesos and options for more elaborate dishes, which include seafood, which can range from breaded shrimp to aguachile, at an approximate cost of 80 to 90 pesos.

This space is visited not only by the people of Mazatlan, it is also visited by national and even international tourists who come on their own or on cruise days.

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