Be careful! With the drop in temperature, jellyfish have been seen on the beaches of Mazatlan


Strong burning and discomfort caused by these marine organisms in contact with people, and local bathers resort to home remedies to counteract its effects.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the drop in temperature at this time of year, the presence of jellyfish has already been registered on the beaches of Mazatlán, marine species that, when in contact with people, cause a skin lesion with a lot of burning and pain.

This was warned by the commander of the Aquatic Police, Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, who said that generally from November is when these organisms go out to the seashore.

“Already this weekend we had a presence in what is the entire Del Mar avenue from the monument to the Fisherman to the Valentinos is where they have reported a presence so far.

They have flags in the beach area where the jellyfish are. A preventive tour is carried out all day and if there is a presence, we place them.

The commander of the Aquatic Police explained that while the small and bluish burners come out to the shore of the beach during the summer, due to the effect of the wind, the jellyfish are larger organisms, white in color but with an effect similar to contact with the people.

“It is a very strong burning. They can be up to temperature. More than anything it is to go to the doctor to neutralize the pain. Each element brings its first aid kit and gives first aid. If the pain continues to increase, then the support of an ambulance is requested to transfer him to the medical service.

Gustavo Espinoza mentioned that local bathers who know the risks in the sea and come frequently, use vinegar or liquid to loosen everything to lessen the effects of the jellyfish sting, but insisted that the ideal is that the attention can be received from professional medical services in case of a more severe complication.

The Mazatlan Post