Mechanical failures delay garbage collection in Mazatlan


There are 36 trucks that cover the routes in the port of the 41 that must be active and that harms many routes that cannot be covered, so the garbage agglomerates

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. . – There are constant complaints from Mazatlecos about the accumulation of garbage in their streets when the garbage collection truck does not pass, given this the Director of Public Services in Mazatlan, José David Ibarra Olmeda said, that the workers work hard to do the job , but the breakdown of some trucks is causing the work to be delayed.

The director declared that the delay is due to the fact that some agency trucks presented mechanical failures, for which it has been necessary to validate the guarantee, but this has meant that some routes are not covered, generating the problem of garbage accumulation.

Public Services has 41 units and at the moment there are 36 in operation, so the missing units come to harm many routes which cannot be covered.

He also commented that unfortunately there are people who take out the garbage on the wrong days and it is necessary for people to understand that the trucks cannot pass every day.

David Ibarra calls on the public to avoid the garbage dump, since rains are coming in the next few days, according to what the forecast indicates with the so far “Tropical Storm Roslyn” and with this, foresee the clogging of sewers and floods.

Finally, he explained, that in the face of these contingencies there are guard personnel ready in case action is required and that there are around 60 and 70 elements that are activated to uncover the drains of the garbage that the rain drags.


The Mazatlan Post