Mazatlán, host of international events such as Expo Ciencia 2023


The best exponents of youth science and technology will meet in Mazatlan in the month of October of next year where 60 countries will attend.

MAZATLAN. – The city of Mazatlán continues to be placed on the big stages, another example of this is that it will be the host city of the International Science Expo 2023, which will take place from October 21 to 27, an event promoted by the International Movement for Scientific Recreation and Technician (Milset). 

The Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Sinaloa (ITESUS), as well as the National Network of Youth Activities in Science and Technology (RedMex) and the Popular University of the State of Puebla, will participate in the International Science Expo 2023. 

The presentation of this great event was given by Roberto Hidalgo Rivas, national coordinator of RedMex; Gerardo López del Río, director of ITESUS; Carole Charlebois, General Secretary of Milset; Estrella Palacios Trujillo, undersecretary of Tourism Promotion and Operation, and Luis Arnulfo Vargas Montes, director of the Municipal Youth Institute.  

Hidalgo Rivas commented that this great event will bring together around 1,500 participants between 12 and 25 years of age, plus their companions, and 60 countries from Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia will be present. 

The scientific fair will be held at the Mazatlán Convention Center, where they will offer multicultural exhibitions to share around 400 of the best science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics projects, which will be developed by children and young people from all over the world.  

Roberto Hidalgo stated that Mazatlán has been a very important point in the promotion of scientific and technological activities at a national and global level, therefore, in 2023 it will host this event that will leave an important economic spill, since it is expected that the participants the tourist attractions of the city and visit the neighboring communities. 

Science Expo

“It is a great expectation that we have, it is to be able to receive children and young people from 12 to 25 years old who are going to show their research, innovation and dissemination projects in different areas of knowledge, winners of their national events,” he said.  

The Aztec delegation that will make an appearance at this event will be made up of projects from the 32 states of the Mexican Republic and more than 60 countries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia will participate. 

The director of ITESUS, López del Río, pointed out that next year, Mazatlan will be a great venue for the Science Expo, after competing, first with other countries and then internally in Mexico against La Paz, Baja California Sur, Acapulco and Warrior. 

Finally, the general secretary of Milset, expressed that Mexico has been chosen for the great experience it has in organizing science and technology events and Mazatlan will be the venue, because it is a very attractive destination that deserves to be made known internationally. . 


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