What did Orlene leave behind when she passed through Sinaloa? Here is the damage count


Floods, washed-out hills, rains, fallen trees and refugees, are among the reports issued by the authorities

MAZATLAN.- Hurricane “Orlene” passed through Sinaloa, between rains, inconsistencies in its trajectory, and suspension of classes and non-essential work, especially in the south, from Elota to Escuinapa.

The news surprised many when the hurricane maintained its category 2 and its path came directly to the south of Sinaloa, between Mazatlán, El Rosario, and Escuinapa, to go as a Tropical Storm towards Durango.

Orlene brought with it social panic, scarce public transport, where few workers could get to work, with rain that, although not intense, was constant since Sunday.

The alert was not only for Sinaloa, the rains also affected Durango, Colima, Nayarit, and Jalisco.


It was at 8:00 am, according to the National Water Commission, that the hurricane made landfall in Escuinapa, causing a general blackout throughout the municipality, being attended by the Federal Electricity Commission; in the shelters, according to the municipal authority, around 300 families took refuge.

It was until noon that Governor Rubén Rocha Moya went to the municipality to inspect, once the phenomenon left its path and a partially cloudy sky.


Communities such as El Pozole, presented strong winds and rains, leaving fallen trees, some cables, poles and slight flooding, according to state Civil Protection.

According to the municipal authority, on their social networks, they also recorded damage, maintaining a precautionary report so far by Civil Protection, who monitored the streets to verify that there is no major damage after the passage of “Orlene”.

Loose canvases, fallen awnings, trees as well and nomenclatures on the Mazatlán-Rosario free highway.


The effects in the urban area of ​​Mazatlan were minimal, and although the rains persisted until noon, there were no flooding streams and canals, sheltering at least 37 people in the shelter of the Western Cultural Institute.

For the rural area, 44 refugees from Walamo were reported, as well as 3 from Isla de la Piedra, but without reports of flooding on the cause of the Presidio River, reporting water levels within normal limits.

Regarding tourism, the Ministry of Tourism, in the morning, reported the suspension of flights, which were resumed at 1:00 p.m.; Likewise, they reported hotels with activated protection protocols, because as the weekend passed, many had guests.

By 2:00 p.m., the sky cleared and the sun came out, causing a sunset at 7:00 p.m. that could be seen from various points of the port.


It was the last municipality in Sinaloa through which hurricane “Orlene” passed, with the authorities reporting slight damage from Aguacaliente de Gárate.

According to Civil Protection of Concordia, 6 families living near the river crossing were evacuated, the shelters were activated, however, there was no need to take them.

The rain was generated without wind and until the last report the road to the community of Mesillas is closed due to the strong current of water that is passing through the bridge.

In the mountainous area, only one landslide was reported on the Mazatlán-Durango highway, which caused a partial closure until the stones and earth were removed, which were caused by the same rains.

Governor Rubén Rocha Moya expressed that in the first instance and if he is in his capacity, they will support with a special resource, but if the situation is serious, they will request the federal resource, ensuring that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is aware and willing to do so. .

He also said that a census will be carried out, and based on that, the support will be dispersed.

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