Bye, bye! In Mazatlan they say goodbye to covid sanitary filters


The Senior Official, Nayla Velarde, indicated that there will no longer be surveillance operations in businesses nor will sanitary filters be requested.

MAZATLÁN.- As of today, the Mayor’s Office will withdraw the sanitary filters and will stop carrying out surveillance operations in businesses that serve to supervise that people comply with the use of face masks and all sanitary measures. 

Nayla Adilene Velarde Narváez explained that this decision was made because in Sinaloa the use of face masks will no longer be mandatory, neither in open nor closed spaces, as the Secretary of Health, Cuitláhuac González Galindo, mentioned yesterday. 

“We are very pleased that in Sinaloa the use of face masks is eliminated, here in Mazatlan what concerns us in the Mayor’s Office is that we will leave the night, evening and morning operations because the most important of these was to supervise the health measures.” 

The Senior Official pointed out that this means that we are already returning to our old normality, although she also invited people to continue taking care of themselves.  

He made it clear that the use of the mask is optional and whoever wants to wear it can do so, but in parties, restaurants, shopping malls or other places it is no longer mandatory, nor are sanitary filters

“Everywhere the use of the face mask is no longer mandatory, except in hospitals and people who present some flu symptoms and, therefore, optionally, but it is no longer mandatory, neither in games, nor in shopping malls, nor in restaurants, we are back. back to normal.” 

Why was the use of face masks eliminated? 

It was explained that the criteria that was taken into account was immunization, reporting 95 percent of the Sinaloa population is vaccinated against Covid-19, to this is added the immunization of minors between 5 and 11 years of age. 


What other states removed it? 

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