Mazatlan offers new tourist attractions


The new tourist circuit of the city of Mazatlan will be made up of Central Park, New Aquarium, and the Wax Museum.

MAZATLAN.- Mazatlan could soon have a new tourist circuit that would undoubtedly catapult the port as one of the few destinations in Mexico that offer new and interesting complexes to its tourists and locals.  

Pablo Rojas Zepeda, director of the Mazatlan Aquarium, said that with the arrival of the New Mar de Cortés Aquarium, the new attractions of Central Park, and upcoming projects such as the Wax Museum, they could turn the area into a space that houses several attractions in one place.  

What is intended is that people enjoy all the attractions. 

“The visitor will have only one place in Mazatlán, which would be between the park, which is the Mazatlán Aquarium, including the new aquarium; Few places in Mexico are going to have that wealth of attractions in a space where tourists can walk not just for one day, the goal is for them to spend three days getting to know the attractions; one day in the park, one day in the Aquarium and another in what will be the new area where the wax museum will be”, he explained.  

What is known about the attractions in the area?  



It is known that the Mazatlan Aquarium will close its doors once the new aquarium is inaugurated, so the Penguinarium is a topic of interest for citizens who are wondering what will happen to the enclosure, which, as of today, is the only Conservation Center in Mexico, with the exhibition of two different species of penguins.  

At the moment, there is no clear idea of ​​what will happen or who will manage it, since that part is still being negotiated, the only thing certain is that the tourist complex will remain, joining in continuing to protect and care for the penguin species that there they reside.  

Wax Museum 

The wax museum is another attraction that will be added to the new Mazatlan tourist circuit . This is contemplated to be built in the Mazatlan Aquarium facilities. A few weeks ago it was announced that there is a lot of interest on the part of a businessman from Mexico City in betting on destiny, it was Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres himself, who announced the news.  

Sea of ​​Cortez Aquarium 

The general director of the project, Guillermo Zerecero Velo, revealed that the opening of the venue is planned for February 2023, the month in which it is promised to officially open to the public.  

Let us remember that initially the opening date of the New Aquarium was November 2022, but as a result of the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, all the dates were delayed and even more so because the health contingency paralyzed the industry for several months and caused a shortage of supplies. materials production.   

To date, the site is 87 percent complete. 

Mazatlan Central Park 

Central Park now has a new attraction, the Animal Kingdom pavilion, a space where you can see birds on display and land animals that were housed in the Mazatlan Aquarium, this adds to everything it already offered us with its spaces to skate, run or exercise.  

As if that were not enough, in the place there will be a zip line that will reinforce the important and iconic Central Park for Mazatlan, joining this tourist circuit

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