Sinaloa will compete for the title of ‘Magic Neighborhoods of Mexico’


The Magic Neighborhoods title is granted by the Sectur and will promote areas with identity, that gives originality and summarize the essence of the cities.

MAZATLÁN.- Sinaloa will be competing for the Barrios Mágicos de México program, which is managed by the Ministry of Tourism at the federal level.  

The undersecretary of Tourism Promotion and Operation of Sinaloa, Estrella Palacios Domínguez, mentioned that being part of this program will promote areas with identity elements that give originality and summarize the essence of large cities. 

” Magic Neighborhoods is called a program that is expected to diversify tourism in this way, to offer new tourist experiences throughout the country,” he declared.  

In the first stage of the call, 32 Magic Neighborhoods will be chosen, one for each state of the country and the idea is, according to Palacios Domínguez, to deliver the appointment to cities, in this case, in urban areas so that these large spaces are promoted. 

“Cities that have culture are being considered, where there is a tourist offer, where there is this identity that makes it unique and original,” he said.  

They will be able to compete for the denomination, the territorial spaces conducive to recreation and healthy social coexistence, where culture and history are intertwined with the architecture, traditions, art, gastronomy, products and services characteristic of each city. 

To choose the first Magical Neighborhood of Sinaloa, efforts will be made at the municipal and state levels and the decision will fall on their authorities.  

He added that the intention of Barrios Mágicos is to promote the diversification of tourist destinations in Mexico, through a joint effort between the federal, state, and municipal governments. 

Magic Neighborhoods

Sectur launches nationwide program 

The Secretary of Tourism at the federal level, Miguel Torruco Marqués, launched this program at the beginning of the month, explaining that “El Barrio Mágico” represents a space in which various elements are combined, which make it unique and unrepeatable.   

It is a place where you can discover the “spirit” and essence of a city.  

He indicated that the great challenge will be to choose those sites that, as part of a municipality, city or metropolitan area, medium or large, facilitate the integration of products; add service chains; that they are representative of the city; that they have infrastructure and connectivity; and that can be linked with other tourist destinations, through themed routes or circuits, to mention just some of the aspects to consider. 

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