New Mazatlan expressway from Cerritos to airport approved


There are around 21 kilometers that would make up this road circuit and Ferromex has already handed over the properties.

MAZATLÁN.- In Mazatlán, a road circuit will be built that goes from the General Rafael Buelna International Airport to Punta Cerritos, and vice versa, and would run parallel to the railroad tracks, as reported by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, who received the authority of Ferromex to make the signing of the concession official.

The project contemplates improving the signage, both horizontal and vertical, and in the cases that are required, electric, in addition, the executive project will indicate if bridges are required.

“It’s a concession, it’s a fact, they are coming to sign and hand over those properties that are 17 meters on each side of the road, from the airport to in front of the RIU Hotel that is located in Cerritos.”

The mayor said that it will be a fast track that will detonate Mazatlan like never before and will contribute to improving mobility in the port.

When asked when they will start with the construction, the municipal president stressed that at the moment they do not have the necessary resources, but the executive project has already been presented to the Congress of the Union and he has already asked Governor Rubén Rocha Moya to request resources for the budget. of the next year.

“For those works we don’t have money because it came to us after we made the budget, right now we are knocking on doors; I have already presented it to the Congress of the Union and I have already asked the governor to hopefully ask for a budget for next year because that would really give Mazatlan a jump.”

There are around 21 kilometers that would make up this expressway, and the necessary house relocations will be made.


All the people who are living on stolen properties will have to be evicted, said the mayor.

Benitez Torres expressed that they are in dialogue to offer them safe places so that they can be certain of them because if Ferromex sues them they are going to get rid of them and they don’t want that.

The Mazatlan Post