Despite Two Murders a couple days ago in the Golden Zone, “We Are Not in a Crisis Situation”


The secretary of the City Council, Edgar Augusto González Zataraín, lamented the murder of two people in the Golden Zone and pointed out that it is part of the facts that have not been eradicated, although there is more inertia brought about by the development and economic growth of Mazatlan. “These events have not overwhelmed us, nor are we in a crisis situation,” he stressed.

A video from a security camera shows the moment in which two men were murdered early this Thursday in the Golden Zone of Mazatlán.

In the recording, the victims are seen sitting a few meters from the Golden bar, located on Playa Gaviotas Avenue, when two men with similar clothing and hats walk towards them, and when they are close, they take out weapons, shoot them at point-blank range and later flee. .

According to the video, the attack occurred around 1:00 in the morning, but official information indicates that the report was generated an hour later, and the municipal police confirmed it until 4:00 in the morning.

At the site, 10 9-millimeter shell casings were seized.

The initial information is that prior to the double murder, there would have been a fight in the area.

In the interview, he acknowledges that it is a “focus of insecurity”, but it is still an issue of the big cities; we are well in public safety, she affirmed and added that much more tourism is expected on this holiday weekend.


The Mazatlan Post