Seeing is believing! Mazatlan Aquarium building will become the new Wax Museum and a Guinness World Record attraction


The Wax Museum will be one more attraction for Mazatlan, said Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, and it will be a way to take advantage and income from the site.

MAZATLAN. – The news of the Wax Museum in Mazatlán is new, taken out of the oven, and it already has the place where it will be located, it will be in the Mazatlán Aquarium building.

This was defined after the meeting held on Tuesday by the president of the Regional Committee for Economic Promotion in southern Sinaloa, Alfredo Ruelas Solís, with Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, to discuss the feasibility of the project.

What will happen to the Mazatlan Aquarium? We all know that the New Mar de Cortés Aquarium will open its doors before the end of 2022, and although the future of the old Aquarium was uncertain, it is now known that it will become a Wax Museum, although it is unknown where all the waxworks will go. species.

Benítez Torres announced that the construction of the Wax Museum will begin within a month to add more offers to the destination, joining cities such as Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara.

He shared that in addition to the Wax Museum, two other companies will be installed on that site, such as Guinness Record.

“Surely the businessmen, who have already come several times, are going to come and give a press conference and we agreed that we would propose a space, that we would negotiate it so that the old aquarium, which is finally a para-municipal, has income,” he said. .

He added that in said museum there will be the figures of representative artistic characters from Sinaloa, as well as other artists or athletes who have left an important mark all over the world.  

Turned 42

It was on September 13 when the Mazatlan Aquarium, the one that marked the childhood of many Mazatlan generations, celebrated its 42nd anniversary.

The construction of the Mazatlán Aquarium building began in November 1978, and was inaugurated on September 13, 1980, with an approximate area of ​​one hectare, it has 52 exhibition ponds, a Museum of the Sea, an auditorium, and a botanical garden.  

When does the new Mar de Cortés Aquarium open?

The Mar de Cortés Aquarium, which will be located next door, is expected to open in late 2022 and early 2023.

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