Once again, garbage guilty of mega flooding in Mazatlan; debris damaged sump pumps


Mazatlan, Sin.- Once again one of Mazatlan’s biggest problems in the rainy season came to light.

Yes, the garbage was largely the cause of the megafloods this Friday in the port, to show what happened in the Golden Zone, where according to Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, Director of Municipal Public Works, a rainwater pumping station, because with the excess of waste dragged by rainfall, one of the pumps burned at the height of the offices of the National Water Commission.

“The most latent problem is that of this area; it’s the excess trash at all the pumps, and we’re lifting them up so we can clean them up from the trash that’s currently being dumped throughout the city.”

He explained that the work they carried out consisted of lifting the pumps from the sump and cleaning them, because the large amounts of garbage did not allow the mechanical equipment to work; In addition, as the water rose to a considerable level in the area, they had to raise the height of the light meter, to prevent more breakdowns from happening in the event of more intense rains.

Núñez Gutiérrez added that the lack of culture of some people who throw garbage in avenues and streets cause serious problems of flooding, and even breakdown of the city’s sumps, because the water currents generated by the rains drag the solid waste to low areas of the port.

Source: losnoticieristas.com

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