Mazatlan security increase around the Golden Zone due to AMLO visit


Routine life like any weekend is lived tonight in the port, where the President of Mexico spends the night to preside over an event on Sunday.

Despliegan operativo de seguridad ante visita de AMLO a Mazatlán

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – In the midst of a discreet security operation around one of the emblematic hotels of the Golden Zone, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is already resting, after being received by the governor of Sinaloa Rubén Rocha Moya. Meanwhile, that point as the nearby ones maintains their routine life like any weekend where tourists and locals make their comings and goings in complete normality.

Ya es AMLO huésped de El CID en Mazatlán, llegó a dormir esta noche de  sábado - Los Noticieristas

Outside the complex of the lodging center in the heart of the golden zone, Security units can be seen that are deployed during each visit of the President of Mexico, while he is already resting and will spend the night. 

The noise of the singsong of the movement of vehicles, at times broken by the high volume of music from the aurigas and pulmonias notes are made, tourists who cross from one end to the other along the main artery, without stopping to imagine that the boss of this country is found tonight at the Pearl of the Pacific .

Refuerzan vigilancia en Mazatlán tras arribo de AMLO

Thus, with elements of Civil Protection, Public Security and the custody team of the Federal Executive, the surveillance and custody service is given to the hours of sleep that AMLO has, who this Sunday will lead a meeting at the facilities of the Federal Electricity Commission where he will put launched the ” Internet for Everyone ” program in the port of Mazatlan, where several states in the region of the country are specified, and later by air he will withdraw to travel to Monterrey.

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