Put them on the leash and take your furry friends to the sterilization day event


If you want to take your pet to the sterilization day, the recovery fee will range from 200, 250 and 300 pesos.

MAZATLAN.- Do you want to sterilize your pet? Do not miss the opportunity, this coming Sunday, September 4, there will be a sterilization day for dogs and cats.

The appointment will be at COBAES 95 at 8:00 a.m., and there will be a recovery fee: cats $200, small dog $250 and medium and large dogs $300. It is mandatory for your pets to be on a leash.

Remember that the surgical sterilization of dogs and cats in days is through simplified and minimally invasive surgeries, it is a socially well-accepted activity, which has as its general objective the population control of these animal species, contributing to the control of rabies and other zoonotic diseases. as well as in the prevention of injuries of importance in public health towards humans.

The requirements for sterilization are as follows:

1.- Your pet must fast for 12 hours from solids and 8 from liquids. Take care that they do not eat anything at all. Why? Because they can vomit and choke while unconscious.

2.- Bring them clean, without fleas or ticks.

3.- Age: Cats from 4 months, dogs from 6 months. In the case of male dogs they must have both testicles descended.

4.- Keep dogs on a leash.

5.- No animals with heat or bellowing.

6.- No dogs or cats that have just given birth or are nursing.

7.- No dogs with obesity or very low weight. Dogs weighing less than 20 kilograms.

8.- Purebred dogs are not accepted, since the Animal Welfare and Control Center aims to care for street animals.

The only municipalities where permanent pet sterilization campaigns are maintained are: Guasave, Culiacán, Mazatlán and Ahome, thanks to the efforts and coordination between the City Councils and the State Health Secretariat.

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