In Mazatlan, chefs bet on products from the region


The dishes are cooked with products made in the communities to support the local economy and for tourists to get to know Sinaloa cuisine.

Mazatlán, Sin.- With a wide range of Sinaloan dishes made with products from the region, the Presidio restaurant opens its breakfast service.

Chef José David Vázquez highlighted that the inspiration for the menu was focused on dishes for families and that they are based on products made in communities in the region to support the local economy and for tourists to get to know Sinaloa cuisine.

“For the most part, these dishes are made with products from the region, we have cheese and machaca from El Quemado, honey from Malpica, chorizo ​​from El Vainillo, chilorio, cajetas, jams that are made by ourselves,” he said.

He reiterated that to support the local economy in times of pandemic, they consume products from the region to prepare their dishes.

He commented that the difference in the breakfasts is the quality of the product, the old mansion and natural atmosphere offered by the facilities and the experience in the service.

“Breakfasts are viable for a Mazatlan, because of their prices, they can have a pleasant experience, in addition to bringing other ingredients that are not very common in Mazatlan, such as black beans, among others,” he said.

The restaurant located in the Historic Center of Mazatlán offers very Mexican breakfasts, with homemade recipes and very good quality products.


The chef highlighted that the gastronomic offer of Mexico is quite wide and that bringing part of it to Sinaloa is fabulous, such as black beans that are not very common in Mazatlan, among others, it is not necessary to import products to offer quality gastronomy.

The Mazatlan Post