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The Director of the Food Bank points out that so far this year, BAMX has supported 1,980 families and has delivered 4,862 food packages.

MAZATLAN. – Did you know that according to a study carried out by CONEVAL 2020, in Sinaloa more than 73 thousand people live in extreme poverty, 167 thousand 856 are in a state of poverty and 147 thousand 867 people have food shortages without having guaranteed the 3 foods?  

This has led the Mazatlán Food Bank to work on creating campaigns to try to combat this problem that afflicts a large part of Sinaloans, a problem that if not treated urgently could become a serious problem.  

Its president, Rafael Ernesto Domínguez Kelly, explained that so far this year, BAMX has supported 1,980 families and has delivered 4,862 food packages in 43 communities that are served in Mazatlán and southern Sinaloa. 

But it is not enough, which is why they have chosen to make agreements and collaborations to create support campaigns.  

“We are very happy to be able to count on these companies, the proceeds from these campaigns will be used to purchase food, which will complement the food packages offered by the Food Bank to 11,000 beneficiaries.” 


The bells: 

“Yza client rounding program”, by Farmacia Moderna and FarmaCon 

What does it consist of? During the months of July to December 2022, when you go to make your purchases at any branch of Farmacias Moderna or FarmaCon in San Ignacio, Mazatlán, Rosario, Escuinapa and Acaponeta, you can say “Yes” to the round-up donation from $0.01, $5, $10 or the amount they want to contribute. 

“Contribution of Soriana clients” 

During the month of September in Soriana Organization, you can say “Yes” to the voluntary contribution, you can donate from $0.01, $5, $10, or the amount you want to contribute. They can make their contribution in Soriana stores in Mazatlan, El Rosario, and Escuinapa. 

“Campaign with Bakeries and Restaurants Panama in partnership with Salud Digna” 

During the months of October and November, this campaign will be carried out in all Panama restaurants and pastry shops in Sinaloa, where the client who wants to support will be offered a product, which will have a symbolic price. 

“Hit a Home Run for Food” with Venados de Mazatlán 

This will take place in the month of November, during the Venados vs. Ciudad Obregón series. The acquisition of the tickets will be through food (2 kilos of rice or 2 liters of tetra pack milk). The food collected will be used to complement the food packages that are delivered to the beneficiaries of the Mazatlán Food Bank ( BAMX ). 

“Philanthropy Sweepstakes” 

This campaign seeks to support the Private Assistance institutions of the state of Sinaloa in their operating expenses and thus be able to reach more people in need, through the sale of tickets to participate in the raffle of various prizes, which can be purchased directly at the facilities of the Food Bank of Mazatlan ( BAMX ). 

“Every Law” 

An alliance was created with Cada Ley to receive donations of perishable and non-perishable products suitable for human consumption, as well as chemical products and pet food. 

How else can I help people in need in southern Sinaloa?  

Cash donations to BAMX 


Account: 01 99 93 49 60  

Cable: 0 1-27 440-019-9934 96 04 


Donations in kind: offices and collection center of the Food Bank: Address, Río Pánuco #4000, Colonia Ferrocarrilera. Telephones: 669-981-2457 and 669-982-3099.

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