Mazatlan Restaurant Industry Grows 20% in 2022


*Restaurant Presidio opens for breakfast

*Gastronomic corridor with 32 businesses

After announcing the opening of exquisite breakfasts of the regional cuisine of Mazatlán and southern Sinaloa at the iconic Presidio restaurant, in the heart of the Historic Center, the president of the local Canirac, Rodrigo Becerra, was very optimistic because the restaurant industry this year it grew 20 percent compared to 2019, before the pandemic.

Accompanied by chef David, Becerra indicated that the best gastronomy in Mazatlan also seeks to boost and promote a greater tourist offer and that Sinaloan food “is not the same” and compete with European, Eastern and Italian foods. “A more varied offer,” he emphasized.

After the reporters tasted the richest and most varied breakfasts, the Canirac leader stated that the restaurant has more than 40 dishes on the menu. We are, as a restaurant, part of a gastronomic corridor made up of more than 30 businesses of this nature, he added.

Asked how tourism and the economy are coming at the end of the year, Becerra affirmed that this summer the restaurants were “full” and that this fall and winter are coming very well for the industry, we even have “a growth of 20 percent in relation to 2019 , before the pandemic; it is a historic growth”, he pointed out.

He reported that in Mazatlan there are more than 120 restaurants that are affiliated with Canirac.