Expo Franquicia Gdl 2022 announced! Mazatlan entrepreneurs are invited to participate


*It will be from September 2 to 3
*There will be participants from Argentina and the United States

This coming September 2 and 3, the Expo Franchises Guadalajara 2022 will be held, this event will be a business exhibition for those seeking to make an investment or grow their business, as announced by Francisco Segura Camacho, general director of Comexposium Mexico and organizer of the Expo Franchises Guadalajara 2022.

Segura Camacho pointed out that there will be the participation of more than 100 brands from Mexico, with space for a pavilion for participants from Argentina and the United States, as well as a couple of Brazilian and Argentine brands.

“It is a business exhibition, we are talking about franchises, about 100 different brands attend, mainly from Mexico” he commented

Francisco Segura said that the brands are franchises and there is also a business opportunity, this with the aim of creating synergy with merchants, which is why the Canaco Servytur Mazatlán supports the holding of the Expo Franquicias Guadalajara 2022 in its sixteenth edition, where they open the invitation for Mazatlecos interested in participating in this great event.

For more information, leave the email [email protected]