Entrepreneur seeks to green Mazatlan with adoption of gardens and donation of palm trees


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Giving back to the city where you live your gratitude with good deeds, is part of the philosophy that Amado Guzmán Reynaud, general director of RedPetroil Group. Proof of this is the initiative that this business conglomerate is leading by ‘adopting’ gardens to rehabilitate them, as well as planting palm trees to green up the port of Mazatlan.

In an interview with Los Noticieristas, Guzmán Reynaud mentioned that currently with this initiative they have managed to rescue three public gardens in the port, they have also managed to donate a total of 50 palm trees to the municipality, which were planted with the support of machinery from the City Council and this action, he said, will not stop.

 “The issue of beautification of the Historic Center is a personal issue. It is a characteristic place that distinguishes us from all the other tourist centers and of course we are in a very nice project to adopt more gardens. Not only do we have Ángel Flores, we also have the Paseo del Centenario adopted with Palmeras and Buganvilias. Right now we are replanting 50 palm trees that had died because they collided with them from the diver and the bug monkeys”, he commented.

In this sense, he stressed that they require the help of the Mazatlecos and their visitors to maintain these spaces because in these three gardens that were rehabilitated they found that many plants were mistreated, stolen, and run over.

 “We have to create awareness because we need people’s help. We fight a lot, they destroy our gardens, they steal our plants, we have to convey that this is a place that has to be taken care of for the good of all. Create community,” she assured.

He announced that they will soon be making a presentation to publicize the next strategic points in this area of ​​the city that will be rescued for the enjoyment of Mazatlans visitors and especially in search of a greener, cleaner port and therefore, more beautiful.

The Mazatlan Post