The zip line in Mazatlan will be a reality in 2023


This dream implies fairly complex engineering work, but it is advanced step by step to guarantee safety when it is ready from El Faro to the Observatory.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The construction of the zip line in Mazatlán could be a reality at the beginning of next year since it is still in the review and progress of the permits that allow it to be built with all the first-rate engineering and be an attraction for tourists who visit the city, Amado Guzmán pointed out.

The challenge goes!  Mazatlán could have its zip line ready in early 2023: Amado Guzmán

The businessman said that it is necessary to create attractions, since Mazatlan today competes against other destinations in Mexico and the world, for which alternatives are required that conquer visitors, that when they come they have days where they can tour the city and not exhausted, as is currently the case, that many times they do not know what else to do, other than just the beaches.

The challenge goes!  Mazatlán could have its zipline ready in early 2023: Amado Guzmán (Photo: Juan Luis Vargas)

“They are procedures, I say, that to carry out a project of this nature there are many studies of soil mechanics, environmental impact, land use, that is, it is a procedure that requires many permits, for what it implies, it is nothing plus putting two ropes on a stone, it takes a fairly complex engineering work, look I don’t know how to tell you because we still haven’t closed accounts, but it is an attraction that is going to cost considerable, that has high engineering, if I remember correctly there are six cables of steel for safety.

He indicated that the project, which in the future will be another tourist attraction in Mazatlan, which can be enjoyed by both locals and visitors, is ongoing, and perhaps sooner the first reflections of a dream will be seen that have driven step by step, because of the series of permits that this has implied, but in the end, it is with security and high-tech quality .

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Créditos: Enrique Chan

He recalled that this zip line will run from El Faro to the Observatory, but an exact amount cannot yet be defined until the processes are completed.


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