It is not clear how the room tax collected on lodging in Sinaloa is spent complain entrepreneurs


Mr. Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, a hotel entrepreneur, disqualified the actions of the State Government in relation to “leaving out of the game” sectors and municipalities of the Consultative Council for Tourism Promotion of Sinaloa.

Mazatlan. – The Sinaloan hotel businessman, Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, disqualified the actions of the State Government regarding the management that is being carried out with the resources of the 3 percent collected from the lodging tax.

It is not clear how the tax collected on lodging in Sinaloa is spent: Guillermo Romero

He even disqualified sectors and municipalities from being left “out of the game” by the Sinaloa Tourism Promotion Advisory Council, since they are the ones that can provide a greater and better vision in planning regarding the issue of promoting the State.

“I disqualify, I do not agree (that sectors and municipalities have been left out) and I join, like many colleagues who were not even consulted.” “(Simply) you cannot carry the same format that was done with previous six-year terms that made the mistake and I think the same thing is being done now,” he criticized.

_- Leaving Mazatlan and other municipalities out of the Consultative Council for Tourism Promotion, a bad decision- _

Likewise, the hotel businessman criticized that the idea of ​​leaving out the municipalities of Sinaloa, mainly those that have a tourist vocation, is a mistake, including those that have Magical Towns.

“Mazatlán is the one that collects more than 80 percent of tourism and 80 of the lodging tax collection, we are talking about 28 million pesos per year that closed in 2021, this year it will grow more; It is not possible that Mazatlan is left out.”

_-An Advisory Council for Tourism Promotion that only decides with them- _

After being questioned about said decision to leave out municipalities and other sectors, Guillermo Romero reproached that “it cannot be that decisions are always made by their voice, for their interests.”

“Today Sinaloa can no longer be managed as in previous six-year terms. We, the sectors and those who are dedicated to tourism, do not see a change (…), why do not they consult, why not ask, and want to do the same as previous governments; We don’t even know what has been spent or what has been collaborated on”.

“We must work, open the range to further enrich the promotion of Sinaloa and not only in Mazatlan, the other municipalities such as Rosario, Escuinapa, Elota, Cósala, Mocorito, El Fuerte (…), there is much to promote, it is not a money from the state, it is money from a tax that is paid”.

Finally, Romero Rodríguez said that with these resources there must be greater planning and more responsibility. “I believe that times have changed, we believed and hoped that with Rubén Rocha Moya it would change and it has not changed”.

“(Without a doubt) this is not going to work… inclusion is important today; in Mexico City all those who have hotels participate and here the opposite happens, ”he concluded.


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