Sinaloa seek to protect the architecture and charm of La Noria


The Implan and Sectur work in a coordinated way to preserve farms that were built in the year 1700

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.-The Municipal Planning Institute is working on the elaboration of an Urban Improvement Plan to preserve the colonial architecture and the natural charm of the town of La Noria, in Mazatlán.

The director of Implan, Leticia Alvarado Fuentes, informed that the plan includes the urban image, mobility, patrimonial valuation, economic activities and social activation in public spaces.

He commented that the actions are focused on preserving the colonial architecture, gastronomy and trades of La Noria, including saddlery, which give it a very special charm, since there is a municipal declaration that delimits the area and the buildings that cannot be altered.

“We did that in coordination with the INAH and it is already in the Official Newspaper, so the people who have these properties cannot, for example, tear down the façade and put up some mosaics, because they must respect certain guidelines,” he said.

Alvarado Fuentes added that in the face of the tourist “boom” that La Noria is experiencing, there are people interested in buying houses because its architecture catches their attention.

“It would be suicide for people who invest to be able to do what they want in that architecture that is the charm of La Noria, because to lose its essence is to lose part of its magic and charm, which is why the concern of the inhabitants is how to protect their farms,” ​​he said.

He specified that in order to protect the architecture of the farms, which in some cases date from the year 1700, two polygons were drawn, one where the majority of the heritage architecture is located, which includes the church and the pantheon, and another containment polygon that includes the urbanized area. .

The Citizen Committee of La Noria asked the Sinaloa Tourism Secretariat to undertake actions focused on diversifying the tourist offer, beautifying the area, and developing urban infrastructure, to consolidate the destination without putting its colonial architecture at risk.


During the meeting, the head of the Sectur, Rosario Torres Noriega, congratulated the members of the committee and the inhabitants of La Noria, because in an organized manner they have managed to increase the flow of visitors and have triggered their economic activity, and work to protect their historical heritage and its natural environment.

He recognized the effort they have put into offering their products at the Artisan Gastronomic Tianguis, which they hold every Sunday in the La Noria square, and invited them to continue innovating to offer new experiences to tourists.


The Mazatlan Post