Recent heavy rains brings out garbage on the beaches of Mazatlan


Although Mazatlán is considered one of the best destinations to visit, the constant flow of tourists to the port has also placed us as one of the dirtiest beaches in Sinaloa.

After the rains that shook the port during the morning, this is what the beaches of the Golden Zone looked like, despite the fact that there were already bathers in the area, no one decided to pick up the garbage that was on the sand at the seashore.

A list presented by the ambient page where they show the results obtained by the federal government where it captured 369 water samples in 269 public influx beaches, to detect the amount of “enterococcus faecalis” bacteria in its waters due to the accumulation of garbage and objects not belonging to the sea, Mazatlan took the 16th position on the list of the 25 most polluted beaches in Sinaloa and Mexico.


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