Things you didn’t know about Mazatlán’s stone island “Isla de La Piedra”


From starting with agriculture to becoming a de rigueur tourist attraction for those who visit Mazatlan.

MAZATLAN. – Isla de la Piedra has become an obligatory stop in Mazatlan, both for visitors and locals, but do you know what its history is? in fact, do you know that it is not an island, but a peninsula? 

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That’s right, the Isla de la Piedra is not an island but a peninsula. A peninsula is an extension of land that is surrounded by water on all sides except for an area or isthmus that joins it to the continent, otherwise an island, which, flatly, does not join it to anything and if it is in the middle of the ocean.  

The history of the “Island” of the Stone

It was in 1926 when Isla de la Piedra officially became an ejido, where you could only get to the coastal area, on a road that came from the Huizache-Caimanero, from Mazatlán to this part, you could only get there by boat, hence the inhabitants called it an island.  

The name alludes to a huge stone that stands out from the north and south of Mazatlán, hence the people called it Isla de la Piedra, managing to identify it in such a way that, since then, we have called it that and offer it as an attraction. tourist.  

Around the year 1950, a road of a little more than 20 kilometers was built that connects the Isla de Piedra with the highway to the Mazatlán International Airport.  

Among its main economic activities was, mainly agriculture, planting plums, lemon, coconut, tamarind, sesame, beans, among other things, however, its little access to water for irrigation and other services was modified, remaining only with the coconut.  

Fishing was also a preponderant activity, which, without a doubt, has stood out to date, how about a shaken fish on the island? It’s quite a tradition, isn’t it? In fact, it was this same primary activity that paved the way for tourism, offering seafood at the pier, but also transportation between Mazatlan and the Island.  

When they began to notice that the Isla de la Piedra functioned as an anchor for tourism, the union of the Belvedere, De Soto and Los Chivos islands was achieved, joining with material extracted from the same navigation channel, becoming what we currently know.  

How to get to Stone Island? 

There are two ways to get to Isla de la Piedra, on international highway number 15, with a detour to the Mazatlan International Airport, there you will find the highway to Isla de la Piedra and in less than 1 hour you will be sitting in one of its palapas.  

The other option is to cross by boat, the shortest and most common for everyone. There are three starting points, the traditional and oldest, the Embarcadero de la Isla, on Gabriel Leyva Avenue; the Playa Sur Pier, on the Emilio Barragán and one more on the Iguana Pier, by the Lighthouse.  

The ticket to cross by boat has a cost between 25.00 and 30.00 pesos round trip, there you decide which restaurant to choose or which place, maybe you decide to go to Isla de Los Chivos and have another perspective of that beach.  

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It currently has more than 30 restaurants located under palapas and huts on the edge of the beach where activities such as banana rides, horseback rides, wagon rides, and ATV rentals, among other activities, are offered. 


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