The port of Mazatlan is closed due to hurricane ‘Howard’


Hurricane Howard moves along the southwestern coast of Baja California Sur.

Civil Protection at the national level reported on the closure of the port of Mazatlán to smaller vessels, this, due to the presence of meteorological phenomena in the Mexican Pacific.

According to the National Meteorological System of the National Water Commission, there are several systems that are generating strong waves, rains and strong winds in different parts of the country.

What weather systems? One of them is the tropical storm “Howard”, which moves along the southwestern coast of Baja California Sur and the Low-Pressure Channels that generate conditions over the northeast, west, center and east of the national territory.

The Mexican Monsoon is also the one that is generating rainy conditions in Durango, Chihuahua, Sinaloa and Sonora.

The national coordination of Civil Protection Mexico asks to stay informed and implement precautions for navigation, port, tourist, sports, fishing, riverside and beach activities.


The Mazatlan Post