1.5 million pesos cost the Jacques Cousteau monument to the government of Mazatlán


The statue of the marine biologist of French origin is located on the Paseo Olas Altas, in the Carpa Olivera.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlán City Council allocated more than one million 500 thousand pesos for the construction of a new monument on the Malecón de Mazatlán.

This is the statue to the marine biologist Jacques Cousteau, which is located on the Paseo Olas Altas, a few meters from the Carpa Olivera.

According to the document from the Municipal Public Works Directorate, which is available at CompranetSinaloa, the new attraction cost one million 401,249.71 pesos, not including the value-added tax, which raises the total cost.

The Municipal Treasury disbursed the money through the Own Resources 2022 program. The work was carried out by the contractor, engineer Miguel David Morales Bueso, who within a month culminated in the contract signed with the City Council.

This expense is added to that recently made by the municipality with the visit, on July 18, of the activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchú, who delivered a recognition as a destination that guarantees peace, human rights and inclusion.

According to the public account for the month of July, 69,951 pesos were given in travel expenses, plus 60,637 pesos for flights for their guests, in addition to 150,000 pesos for activities of the Menchú Tum Civil Association, towards a culture of peace. In total, 280 thousand 588 pesos.


On June 16, the monument to the French-born marine biologist and pioneering figure in the conservation of the seas was unveiled , among many other contributions to maritime research.

The character is pointing to the Sea of ​​Cortez and the 3 islands, since he discovered this place, Jacques Yves Cousteau highlighted the importance of the protection of Mazatlan, being part of the entrance, which the explorer and researcher named as the Aquarium of the World, due to the great diversity of species and great natural beauty .

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