The ‘Walk Safely’ campaign begins in Mazatlan


Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres indicated that the priority of the “Camina Seguro” campaign will be to protect pedestrians and the disabled.

MAZATLAN. – STOP! Respect the pedestrian crossings, which this morning began the “Camina Seguro” campaign, which seeks to promote safe mobility among motorists and pedestrians.

The starting signal was given in the newly inaugurated elevated pedestrian overpass built by the city council between Guillermo Nelson and Benito Juárez streets, which is part of said campaign.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres acknowledged that in the mobility pyramid, number one is the pedestrian, which is why the campaign has been created, but even if it is the priority, it is planned to fine pedestrians if they do not cross the streets. by the elevated pedestrian crossings, because these were made with the purpose of safeguarding the lives of Mazatlecos and tourists in the event of an accident.

“That is why we have to take care of the pedestrian, that is why we are going to make this type of pedestrian crossings, as I call it, to protect pedestrians, but yes, and forgive me, the Mazatlecas, the Mazatlecos and the tourists who do not cross by We are going to sanction these places what hurts Mexicans the most if you hit them in the pocket and we are going to start fining them.”

He pointed out that this new pedestrian crossing and the next ones that will be built will be built in a way that does not affect the shock absorbers of a car.

“But it is also true that they do not want to go through the designed steps, that is why we made them a little high but with a large slope so that it does not affect cars, it does not affect motorcycles and that people pass through here.”

The “Camina Seguro” campaign consists of 4 points

Practice safe mobility: reduce deaths and accidents due to traffic events.
⁃ Respect pedestrian crossings, stop, and give way.
⁃ Pedestrians First: they are at the top of the mobility pyramid.
⁃ Give way to pedestrians: let’s make Mazatlan a more walkable city.

There will be surveillance cameras

The municipal president indicated that they are going to acquire some equipment to put on public lighting poles so that they can take photos of people who violate these provisions, in this way the fine will be automatic with the photo of the license plate.


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