Shopping malls, the new boom in Mazatlan


So far this year, around 4 shopping malls have been opened in different parts of Mazatlan.

MAZATLAN. – A new boom is emerging in Mazatlan, that of the shopping malls that are being built everywhere, especially in the north.

Shopping malls are smaller than a shopping center, but medium in size to have more than 10 stores. In other words, perfection.

Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlan, mentioned that so far this year at least 4 of these shopping malls have been inaugurated, thus generating a greater opening of investment, not only for the tourism sector but also for business.  

“There are four shopping malls that have been inaugurated in eight months, without a doubt, it generates different businesses, many of these local companies generate this growth in the region. It speaks to the confidence investors are having in Mazatlan,” he stated.  

For example, explained Velarde Cárdenas, the Guadalajara pharmacy chain is going for its 70 branches in Mazatlán, exceeding its investment to the number of branches they have in Culiacán; in addition to other investors who have decided to bet on Mazatlan in the entertainment and commercial sector.  

Support for entrepreneurs

Given the increase in entrepreneurs that have emerged in Mazatlán, as a result of the pandemic, the secretary of Sedectur will look for a way for these to grow, become formalized and for more than one to be made from a local in a certain square, since it is well known that, in some, the rents are high for those who are entering the business sector.  

“The challenge in the triennium, with these young people of a thousand entrepreneurs, is to take them to another level and go from having one or two businesses to having three or four in shopping malls. I think that this type of development is a good idea, we did not have it. as such, but we are going to implement it,” he said.  

Plaza Caracol is inaugurated in Hacienda del Seminario 

Although the northern area is one of the fastest growing in terms of housing, it is also growing in commercial matters, to this boom is added Plaza Caracol, a new commercial plaza in the Hacienda del Seminario subdivision and that will be close to more than 5 thousand families in the area.  

It is a space with at least 27 stores, which include Farmacia Guadalajara, Dolce Mami, Xiapada Sushi, Puro Pollo and Nandos Pizza, among others, and which, according to the Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlan, will generate approximately 270 jobs. . 

The commercial plaza is located on Avenida Atlántico, number 6001, in Hacienda del Seminario


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