Rains in Mazatlan caused only some damage to public roads


The director of Civil Protection in Sinaloa, Héctor Modesto Félix Carrillo, indicated that the Malecón area was the most affected

Sinaloa.- After the intense rain that occurred this morning in Mazatlan, it did not cause very strong effects, except for some damage to public roads, reported the director of Civil Protection in Sinaloa, Héctor Modesto Félix Carrillo. 

He indicated that the Malecón area was the most affected, so the flow of vehicles and pedestrians was impeded, mainly to avoid possible damage.

“A decision had to be made to prevent the flow of the vehicle fleet through certain areas to avoid possible damage or material and human losses,” he said. 

Félix Carrillo reported that it has now stopped raining, the water is already running its normal course and the height of the rain is lowering. 
He stressed that the desilting of the Los Jabalines stream is being carried out in the port, since he mentioned that entire sets of rooms, refrigerators, mattresses and even stoves have been removed, which has caused a large blockage.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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