Mazatlan auriga drivers suspended for overcharging


The summer vacation period in the port generates a “wave” of profits for these traditional units that run through the port; They also comply with the rules of Road and Transport.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A demand of 95 percent in the mobility of the passenger service registers Mazatlán aurigueros, in the middle of this summer vacation period, where it is sought that the operators also comply with the rules of Road and Transportation, as soon as to the number of people, and avoid abuses mainly in rates, pointed out Iran Martín Aguirre.

The leader of Aurigas of the CNOP in Mazatlán, indicated that it shows that they put a heavy hand among their drivers, is that currently two are punished for applying excessive rates to tourists, while almost a year ago one was expelled for charging up to 600 pesos, which is a clear abuse against users.

He assured that they maintain vigilance with all the aurigas that make up this group, so that the operators do not exceed more than eight passengers, as well as maintain the moderate volume of the music and that they enforce the rules of the road, but above all that apply current prices such as 120 pesos, or up to 150, depending on the distance in the port.

The representative of the CNOP aurigueros in Mazatlan, mentioned that this vacation period is one of the best, after the “bump” that occurred in the previous two years as a result of this COVID-19 pandemic, hence the importance that everyone who provides a service in the port, really offer the best face and serve with quality.

He invited the users of these types of units of the port that if they consider or are victims of abuse in the collection of fees, do not hesitate to report the telephone numbers and address that they may have at hand, in the same units where it is indicated. where to go, with the full confidence that customers will not only be heard, but served.


The Mazatlan Post