Mazatlan Carnival arrives in Parral, Chihuahua


The International Carnival of Mazatlan made an appearance to share with the local people the culture of the maximum Mazatlan party.

The Mazatlan International Carnival traveled a few hundred kilometers to be present in Parral, Chihuahua; a place where the culture of the maximum Mazatlan party was shared with the local people.

Let us remember that it is Parral, the city with which Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres signed a twinning agreement, which allows not only reinforces tourist and cultural exchange but also opens the doors to benefit the economic sector between both northern states. .

And precisely a proof of them was the Mazatlan Carnival parade, which took place at the inauguration of the “Villista Days”, a traditional festival that commemorates the founding of the municipality on its 391st anniversary.

For its celebration, a whole agenda of cultural and musical events with renowned artists is prepared. One of the great guests was Mazatlán with its colorful Mazatlán.

The municipal president of Parral, Cesar Peña, thanked the people from Buenos Aires for their presence and emphasized that both municipalities join forces to create great cities.

“I am grateful for the presence in this beautiful city of our delegation from Mazatlán, in their different work orders, which are directed and supported by my friend and president of Mazatlán Químico Benítez Torres.”

With this, Mazatlán wants to continue positioning itself as one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico through its great artistic and cultural wealth.


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