Are you going to enjoy the beaches? Attention! “Carnita asada”, bonfires and lunadas are prohibited in Mazatlan


As a preventive action, in this summer vacation period bathers will be asked to leave the sea at 8:00 at night; more than 700 elements will monitor the city, declared Eloy Ruiz Gastélum.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The summer vacation period officially began and with it, starting this Friday, July 15, a strong security and surveillance operation was deployed in Mazatlán with more than 700 elements from various corporations, made up of Public SecurityArmyNavyNational GuardRed CrossCivil Protection, Lifeguards, among others, and everything, in order to care for and safeguard the physical integrity of tourists and locals in the destination, highlighted Eloy Ruiz Gastélum.

But also, in the beach area there will be a series of restrictions to prevent incidents, such as the fact that bathers will not be able to be in the sea after 8:00 p.m. and the use of grills, bonfires and “moons” is strictly prohibited. “, declared the Municipal Coordinator of Civil Protection .

“From 8:00 at night they are invited to get out of the water and spend as little time as possible in the sand, and once they get on the Malecón wax and they can stay there without any problem and everything as a preventive action for the use of beaches”.

Aren’t you going to allow the “carnita asada”?

“No, none of that, no roast beef, no braziers, no lunadas, no bonfires, it will be taken care of in an ordinary way,” he agreed.

The local official asserted that the primary objective is to achieve a white balance in this summer vacation period and for this, the participation and collaboration of citizens is of the utmost importance because people who enter the sea with inadequate clothing have been detected; that is, in jeans or tennis shoes, and that only puts them at risk and more so now that the phenomenon of “Mar de Fondo” is registered.

“The care and assistance operation for bathers, specifically tourists in general, will intensify a little more with the support of elements of the Army and National Guard, and the main objective is to provide care, shelter and attention to all needs that arise during this summer vacation period. We are coordinated with all government corporations and institutions and a fundamental part is the lifeguard corps of the Secretariat, Civil Protection, Red Cross, Firefighters, National Guard, Mexican Army and Secretary of the Navy with its life-saving plan and also, we have what is the Mayor’s Office,” he explained.

Ruiz Gastélum estimates that, according to the hotel sector report, this vacation period will be much better than others because an increase of 40 percent more is expected compared to last year, so, as an authority, they will be very alert to achieve a white balance of the summer operation that ends on August 22, 2022.


The Mazatlan Post