CAXXOR presented HIGH-PERFORMANCE OFFSHORE SUSTAINABLE MARITIME TERMINAL, the technological option for new ports in the USA.


CAXXOR and PORT CORPUS CHRISTI, promote agreements to establish CAXXOR’s second maritime terminal within the TMEC Corridor Project and the first in the USA

CDMX. July 14, 2022.- Caxxor presented to the commissioner and the delegation from Port Corpus Christi, led by Omar García, Chief External Affairs Officer, the progress of the commercial corridor called Corredor TMEC, as well as the port technology that drives these developments.

The objective of the meeting was to present the commercial opportunities offered by a logistics system such as the TMEC corridor between Mexico and the USA, and how it can encourage commercial development in containerized cargo for the state of Texas, a before and after in port development region of.

On the part of the Texan authorities, the interest was to show the development potential of the southern zone of this state, particularly the port of Corpus Christi, to encourage investment in the port that currently has an economy that could be larger than Russia and many countries.

For Corpus Christi, the TMEC corridor project is very important because it allows a direct connection for the state of Texas with the Pacific through Coahuila, Durango, and Sinaloa. The design of the Caxxor terminal is also very relevant for the new ports of the USA. , which is already a 100% Mexican patent pending and aims to redefine the global maritime industry, with more efficient, ecological, and lower investment ports, through a high-performance offshore terminal that is in the sights of port authorities from all over the world. the world for its potential to be a new standard in maritime matters.

The terminal is completely ecological, with impeccable waste management, with a system that manages to unload ships on both sides, reducing waiting times, seeking to minimize investment in dredging and breakwaters, which prevents the destruction of beaches and helps the conservation of the environment by being sustained with 100% renewable energy.

Carlos Ortiz, CEO of Caxxor and the firm’s management team, explained the progress of the TMEC Corridor project, in terms of land, studies, engineering, and procedures with the federal government and with all the agencies involved. Likewise, they detailed the schedule of the procedures that are still missing to start the construction phase of the main infrastructures.

As the next steps of this meeting, the signing of agreements between Caxxor and the Port of Corpus will be sought to advance the studies that give visibility to establishing Caxxor’s second maritime terminal within the TMEC Corridor Project and the first terminal that CAXXOR would develop in USES.


Caxxor Group: CAXXOR GROUP’s investment model is focused on and comes from insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, trusts, and family offices that have the ability to invest over intergenerational periods of time. This is a unique competitive advantage in markets for long-term illiquid assets, such as infrastructure. CAXXOR GROUP has been dedicated to the development of methodologies to promote the internal programs of private investors and to help infrastructure projects to be compatible with the vision and requirements of investors.

CAXXOR offers a direct and transparent connection between the investor and the project, CAXXOR develops and combines the model that guarantees success for those involved throughout the process and during the time of a revitalization of the asset class and possibly a new era of investment. in infrastructure and capital projects of each country.

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